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Our Programs

At Charity of Mercy, we take care of orphans and vulnerable kids, empowering women, helping the unprevillaged elderly and sick people through;

Providing foodstuffs

Food Support esspecialy in the Current Pandemic Crisis that has very much affected the less fortunate Rural Farmilies

Providing Clothes

Orphans esspecially those living with Grandparents who are also in High Poverty mostly lack finances for Clothing

Providing Mosquito Nets

To Support esspecially Mothers & Children aganist Malaria which is one the Killer Diseases.

Providing Mattresses & Brackets

This support is mostly given to Families with Mental disorderd Children and Ophaned Disabled ones.

Helping sick people in hospitals

With Food Stuffs, Money for Hospital Bills esspecialy those in extreme Poverty.

Empowering a Girl Child

Supporting Enrollment, Retention and Completion of School through Books and other Support

Talk to Us to Join the Efforts

With Just a 'Thank you Guys for the work your doing' note, the minds of the volunteers on ground gets more motivated, Just Say That

Meet Our Team

We are a team of selfmotivated individuals who work generously to bring change to our communities, this dedication drives us to further strides for Prosperity.

50 +

Passionate Volunteers

20 +

Local Partners

70 +

Freinds in Worldwide

1000 +

Cups of Food Donated

Construction of our Orphanage

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in faith, Thanks for the love and care you have shared to us from the beginning, We appreciate it and we pray that you get the best rewards and stay blessed for the kind work you are doing, Family we are kindly request for a total of $2500 to buy the building materials and also pay for labour towards the construction of our orphanage. Please any donation helps you can support with anything you can. Stay blessed 🙏🏻🙏🏾

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